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Burlingame, CA 94010
DRE#: 01019031

About Me

Aileen Ann has lived in Hillsborough and San Mateo since 1973. She has been selling Peninsula Residential Real Estate since 1989.

Aileen Ann   goes the extra mile for her clients, representing Both Sellers and Buyers.

She is known for being Professional and Dedicated and for her High standards of Ethics and Integrity.  Whether buying or selling, Aileen Ann's clients know they can trust her to represent them and protect their interests.

Sellers rely on Aileen Ann's negotiating ability and contract knowledge to get the highest price for their home in the context of the current Market environment.

Buyers also having relied on the same negotiating ability and contract knowledge to get the home of their choice in their price range, often call Aileen Ann to say how happy they are with the homes they've purchased. When they are ready to sell, they call Aileen Ann to List their home knowing that the same care and dedication will be there for them as a Seller. In the interim, they confidently Refer Friends and Associates to Aileen Ann.

Regardless of whether they were a Buyer or Seller, Aileen Ann's clients are happy to give her referrals, because their loyalty stems from being happy with the outcome of their Real Estate transactions.


Aileen Ann has also helped with RELOCATION of employees for companies such as DreamWorks and The Gap.



Here are some Testimonials from my clients


Aileen sold our home in Hillsborough.  Aileen was very professional, extremely organized and a master of all the details of which there are many.  She also knows her market very well.  She did not inflate our expectations, nor did she under-price the house in order to make a quick sale.  Without a doubt, we would use Aileen again.

--Toni and Neal   (Seller / Hillsborough)--


As Trustee of my Aunt’s estate, I chose Aileen to handle the sale of my Aunt's house. Aileen was amazing. To prepare the home for market, she had the 61 year old home completely cleaned out, including the overgrown yard, painted and staged. The house looked beautiful, which resulted in multiple offers even in a depressed marked. Working with Aileen was awesome!

 --Bev (Seller)--


I can not say enough, nor as often as I can, just how much I appreciate what you have done for me, from alerting me to the possibility of obtaining the loan we did, to the home I choose, to pushing the process so that it worked and I was able to get the home. 

You have gone well beyond the call of duty as a client and friend I REALLY.... REALLY... DO APPRECIATE IT!


Needless to say, when it comes to using me as a reference to enhance your business, make sure you include me, as I will say all kinds of good things about you and your efforts as a FANTASTIC Real Estate Agent!

 --Tim  (Buyer)--



We have known Aileen Reisman for about 25 years.  She assisted us with purchasing our very first home after 22 years of marriage!  Aileen found the perfect home for us, at the price point we needed. In fact, she was able to negotiate the price of the home down by several thousand dollars because she was so informed about the current market and comps in our area.  She was patient and walked us through every detail of the process... she truly made our experience a wonderful and happy one, despite the stress that real estate transactions often bring.

You would be hard pressed to find anyone who cares more about her clients than Aileen.  Her integrity, honesty and commitment to her profession will make a lasting impression on you. She does her research and will put your best interests first.

                                  --Pamela & Johnny BUYER/ San Mateo--

"We love our new home in Scottsdale!  It is very open and bright, like the condo was, and we really love the area.  However, you should know that we have now been through 3 more realtors since you, and you were by far the BEST!!!  During each experience, we have talked about you, and how much better you served your clients.  Everyone we tell that story to is blown away; it is one of the better real estate stories!"

--- Barbara & Steve, San Mateo (Buyer and Seller then moved to Scottsdale)---


"We want to thank you for all for your efforts in making our move from San Carlos to Half Moon Bay a relatively painless and worry-free one. We relied on your expertise with all the contracts & very much appreciated your many contacts and referrals.

We love our new home!"  


 --Scott        Half Moon Bay & San Carlos(Buyer & Seller)--

"Rachel and I wish to thank you once again for a superb job of organization and follow through. We made the move and prepared for my TV appearance like real troopers. In the process, you saved us from a lot of mental anguish and worry. 

 Job well done! Thanks.

--James     (Moved from San Mateo /Seller to Burlingame/Buyer)--

"We want to thank you so much for so many things......for everything you did to make this whole "deal" possible. You went way "above and beyond" every step of the way for us. We know we have found a professional we will look forward to working with again and a friend in you...We have you to thank for really making our recent investment possible."

--- Ann & Bob, Burlingame (Buyer) ---



"Aileen Ann handled the sale of our home in San Bruno.  It was a complicated sale that required a great deal of deft negotiation and careful attention to detail. She accomplished a multitude of paperwork in a precise and understandable manner. Anyone who commissions Aileen Ann to buy or sell a home for them is, to paraphrase the well-known insurance slogan, "in good hands."

--- Dee and Rich, San Bruno (Seller) ---

"Thank you again for all your help in selling my house in Burlingame. you did so many things that were beyond the call of duty in addition to what you did to get the escrow closed."

--- Carl L., Burlingame (Seller) ---

"We're thrilled we bought the house we bought, and we think we owe that feeling to you. This letter is intended to be a formal thank you for your contribution to the process: your immeasurable patience and boundless curiosity and energy for exploring possibilities; your respect for our particular situation and concerns; your positive attitude, impartial evaluations and your interest in finding the RIGHT PLACE for us. Well, it worked. We also are grateful for the many hours you spent with us while we looked and for your very competent guidance through that initiation rite known as "closing". When it comes to business, you're no slouch, and I'm glad you were on OUR side. ...thank you for bearing with us so valiantly and for working so diligently to make it happen. I know it couldn't have been easy!"

--- Victoria and Alan, San Mateo (Buyer) ---

"And the trouble is, if you don't risk anything, you risk even more." Erica Jong
She told us we were quotable women, so I thought it best to start out with just that, a quote. and this one seems to say a lot about Aileen:

'She is bold, she takes risks and she always, always gets results. I couldn't imagine better qualities in an agent, who is now a friend. She will work so incredibly hard for you, you will find it quite amazing. She is friendly with her approach, quite persuasive with other agents and with sellers/buyers. You will find she gets you the results or the terms you desire, usually, the first time around.'

Her attention to detail is astounding. She will explain any and all particulars about the sale or purchase of a home until everything is perfectly clear. She will work very hard for you, coordinating meetings to meet your schedule, not hers. In our particular case, our schedules were so crazy, she arranged to meet with us on our terms, whether it be early in the morning or late at night. She was very accommodating to us, and it was very much appreciated.

She continues to meet with vendors, construction persons and others to make certain that all matters are addressed and this, well after the sale! In closing, alas, another quote...but again, it seems fitting for Aileen:

"To be successful, the first thing to do is to fall in love with your work." - Mary Lauretta

Did I mention that she comes highly recommended?

--- P and B, San Mateo (Buyer and Seller)--


"Dear Aileen, Well, you've done it again! Not only did you find the perfect home for me 3 years ago, but you have now sold that same home for me for the highest price EVER in this complex!! Thank you so much for all of your work---your efforts, both when I was a buyer, and now that I am a seller, have been enormous. I still can't believe that you handled 11 offers, and in one evening were able to field those offers and advise us as to which were the best (and ultimately, which was the ver y best!) I could not be more pleased. You are wonderful!!! Thank you , Barbara"

--- Barbara and Steve, San Mateo (Buyer and Seller) ---

"Dear Aileen, ...Thank you most of all for this fantastic house! It's so wonderful to live here. EVERYONE who sees this place asks us how we were ever lucky enough to find and get such a fantastic house and we tell them it's all thanks to a great realtor-you!"

--- Martha and Mark, San Carlos (Seller then Buyer)--


"You were our Angel in disguise. Only an Angel could have helped this family with this "Burden". There are not enougth words to just simply say Thank you. I will always know I have another Angel in my life and always be grateful that you were so persistant."

-- Kathy (Seller / San Mateo)--


"Thank you for being such a great Realtor that we can relax on our vacation in London while buying a house in the States. You've been so patient with us, holding our hands through this whole process. Thank you."

--- Mandy and Jonathan, San Carlos (Buyer) ---



"I am an inactive licensed Real Estate Agent, as you know. I know how difficult your job is. I want to thank you for making a traumatic experience almost enjoyable. Your attention to detail is commendable. Without it, I may have gotten myself into trouble. I don't always read the fine print. I'm impressed with your knowledge of the legalities involved in the purchase of a home. Your responsiveness to my needs and sometimes "whims" was very reassuring. I have the highest regard for your professionalism."

--- Vicki, Burlingame (Seller then Buyer) ---


"Thank you so much for all of your hard work and efforts in finding us the right house!

I think you found the perfect place for us because you are so diligent. We greatly appreciate all of your help in making this dream come true." 

--Karen and Paul (Buyer / San Carlos) --


"Sometimes we make decisions in this life and we are not always pleased with our choice. This is definitely NOT one of those itmes. You have been persistant, diligent and very thorough. Thanks for hanging in there and allowing us to get to know you."


-- Walt  (Seller / San Mateo) --


"Thank You for EVERYTHING!!!!"

--- Robin and Bruce, Foster City (Buyer) ---